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Transforming Resume Parsing with a top-notch AI model.

  • Reduce hiring time by 70% while making zero compromises on quality
  • Bring down the cost-to-hire by 60% as automation is at work
  • Enjoy 5X higher quality-of-hire as search results are accurate and apt

Hiring is no longer time-consuming

It takes a lot to set up an empire and skilled professionals are one of them. However, recruiters have to struggle a lot to spot such professionals. DocSaar is a futuristic resume parser tool bringing the best of technologies together to improve hiring at every front.

Starting from discovering the talent to seamless the interview process, DocSaar has perfected every aspect of hiring. The promised quality is offered because of:

  • An AI-based identifier that can parse resumes in a blink of an eye
  • A highly advanced language model (ChatGPT) makes extracting information from a resume easy with unparalleled accuracy.
  • Automated data processing that filters the unstructured data and brings results that recruiters need

Save big time

In the world of automation and accuracy, there is no point in hiring with conventional manual resume sorting. By simply using our tool, organizations of all sorts can revolutionize their recruitment process and enjoy commendable savings on every front.

  • Save time, as our AI-based parser will take only seconds to extra information from complex and lengthy data
  • Save operational costs as you don’t need many professionals. End-to-end automation of DocSaar take care of many tasks
  • Save efforts as the high-end Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Deep NLP algorithms of DocSaar will extract every piece of information mentioned in the text.
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