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DocSaar is a team of technology-driven enthusiasts who want to make AI and ML work for the advancement of businesses. The in-house AI experts of DocSaar have managed to construct high-end tools that businesses across the world can use to make recruitment leveraged and smooth.

Our team is helping businesses to automate the resume parsing and data matching job while making zero compromises on the quality and accuracy.

DocSaar solutions are endowing recruitment professionals with 100% accuracy in information extraction processes and allow them to take success-driven decisions. Using the expertise of our specialists, industries from the different domains are able to gain deeper insights from the existing data and use it for the betterment.

We work in the direction of

  • Making recruitment 50% less tedious
  • Using the offered data up to its 80% capability
  • Allowing HR and recruiters to face 70% less operational burden
  • Reducing the hiring cost by 30%

Values That We Value the Most

We all have values that keep are motivated and drive our decisions. DocSaar team dreams about users success all the time and that’s what decides our values. See what our ‘DREAMS’ are made of:

D - Driving success to us and our users

We are committed to growing as a brand and offering services that will empower our users in the best possible manner.

R - Responsibility and relationships

When a user lays his faith in us, we take full responsibility and try everything possible to build a long-lasting relationship.

E - Ethics in ecosystems

We yearn to build a workspace where everyone’s talent is recognized and nurtured. Our teammates are allowed to share and execute their ideas without inhibitions.

A - Ability to use technology at its best

At DocSaar, we are open to learning and don’t mind bringing the best technology stack for creating work-of-art tools and solutions.

M - Meeting our user needs

With customization, we strive to address the needs of our customers.

S - Supremacy in the industry

By keeping our customer's needs at the center, we aim to be an industry leader.